The Gap of Dunloe Tour, County Kerry, Ireland


The Gap of Dunloe

Lord Brandon's - The Black Valley - Checking the Wheels - Approach to the Gap - Gap of Dunloe - Mountain Bridge - End of the Journey

The first part of the trip round the Lakes and the Gap of Dunloe starts from the quay at Ross Castle on the Lower Lake. The open boat passes through all three lakes on its 14 mile journey, surrounded by magnificent views of the mountains.  

Lord Brandon's Cottage

Lord Brandon's Cottage
Passengers leave the boat and walk along a narrow path through reed beds to Lord Brandon's Cottage (formerly a hunting lodge, now an open-air restaurant).

Stop here for a light lunch before walking round the back of the restaurant to meet the horse and driver who will take you on the second stage of the journey.

The road from Lord Brandon's passes the end of the Black Valley and then turns sharply up the mountain, winding for seven miles through spectacular scenery to the Gap itself and then making its way down to Kate Kearney's Cottage, a comfortable pub/restaurant where there will be time for some more refreshments before returning to Killarney town.

The Black Valley

The Black Valley
A remote valley, nestling at the foot of Ireland's highest mountain, Carrauntuohill. The Black Valley was the last district in Ireland to benefit from the Rural Electrification Scheme in the 1950s.

horseand driver.jpg
The road over the mountains to the Gap

Checking the Wheels
A driver makes sure all is well before continuing the journey.

Gap of Dunloe (from the South)

The Approach to the Gap
Approaching the Gap from the South, the road passes the Serpent Lough. The river filters from here through an underground passage, re-appearing further down the mountain.

Gap of Dunloe (from the North)

The Gap of Dunloe
Having passed through the Gap, this is the view (from the North) most often seen on postcards. The narrow road twists and turns between the mountains.

The road down from the Gap

A Mountain Bridge
Below the Gap, the road crosses the stream on its way downhill.

After the journey

The End of the Journey
The horse enjoys a well-earned rest after his seven-mile journey through the mountains.